Hundreds of years ago beer was brewed in Purtse and there was also a distillery. After all, in Medieval times beer was drunk with meals.

The historical facts are quite confusing but the manor´s own distillery and brewery were probably founded in 1622. At that time the manor belonged to Swedish high nobleman Heinrich Fleming.

Since the autumn of 2016, there is a craft beer brewery in the smithy of the castle again. As beer production takes place in the brewery, it is possible to taste and buy various beers from the castle restaurant. If preordered, beer tasting is organised  for groups, it is also possible to enjoy special beer menus and beer stories.

Actually, what is craft beer? There is no certain definition. For some people it means a beer which is brewed at a small independent brewery. For us the most important things are the quality and the story behind the beer. Usually the brewers are some beer enthusiasts.

Brewing traditions and high-quality components are combined in order to match different customers´ tastes. Craft beer is not mentioned for mass production nor mass consumption. It is achievements and constant search of talented craftsmen in order to exite the taste buds of the consumers. #craftbeer Attention! It is alcohol. Alcohol may damage your health.

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